In a context of general meteorological information, Radarmeteo intends to characterise itself as a highly professional company, able to provide timely and adequate answers to the differentiated and specific needs coming from various strategic sectors, such as water management, traffic and transport, agriculture, risk management, environment, health, civil protection, energy, maritime operations;

all these areas, and others still, need to be able to count on a meteorological service that can support them in pursuing greater environmental and economic sustainability of the system/ecosystem in which they operate.
This is a complex world, in which meteorological information is embedded in corporate decision-making processes, and must posses key characteristics, such as reliability, authenticity, continuity, timeliness, accuracy, and communicability .


The AirportCast® service, integrated by A.L.A.S.® for the specific monitoring of lightning, represents the most effective solution in the management of critical issues of meteorological origin connected to the overall safety of the airport, both for typical winter events (snowfalls, frost, fog, etc.), and for summer events (thunderstorms, hail, etc.).

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Administrations and PC

Local and territorial Public Administrations represent the cornerstone of the National Civil Protection System, to which the Mayors contribute with direct responsibility. Radarmeteo provides the technical tools to manage all severe weather events for the specific area of interest with overall and true vision.

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Land Reclamation Authorities

The Land Reclamation Authorities are entities that constantly operate on territory. For them, Radarmeteo proposes a series of platforms that provide knowledge and precise control of all meteorological events, therefore a concise and immediate view, as well as analytical and in-depth insights, according to the needs that may arise.

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Radarmeteo supports the construction sector with innovative meteorological services and platforms, able to predict and monitor severe events with a high level of spatial/temporal detail, and to quantify their development, to allow the adoption of the most appropriate operational decisions.

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Radarmeteo provides the energy sector, in its various segments, with in-depth knowledge of the climatic context and meteorological parameters at all stages of the process, from plant design, production, storage and distribution, to consumption estimation, pricing and development of new market strategies.

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Radarmeteo supports the entertainment sector with innovative meteorological services and platforms, able to predict and monitor severe events with a high level of spatial/temporal detail, and to quantify their development even in the medium term, to allow the adoption of more appropriate operational decisions.

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Radarmeteo has acquired significant experience in the risk management sector. It specialises in the analysis of ex post meteorological data and in climatic re-analysis, which support the management of policies against atmospheric risks and the development of new insurance products (parametric insurance), as well as risk management and loss adjustment activities, and smart-insurance.

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Radarmeteo has developed a suite of high-quality meteorological services, operating 24/7/365 with global coverage, intended for the maritime operations sectors (Oil & Gas, Navigation, Port).
The services are structured specifically for two main operational types: Site-specific and Ship routing.

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Smart Agriculture

Radarmeteo supplies specific meteorological products for the agricultural sector, and in particular for the feeding of the DSS of an agrometeorological character, for the applications of agriculture and precision irrigation and for all the new digital approaches and the mitigation of environmental impacts.

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To road and railway operators, Radarmeteo offers a precise meteorological service, capable of capturing local but potentially very dangerous events,  provides direct support throughout the evolution of the most severe events, and integrates itself into the context of the operating rooms with readily understandable and clear information.

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To utilities that use an innovative, digital, and smart approach, Radarmeteo provides certified, detailed, quality meteorological data and services, essential for both operational and communication purposes.

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