Operations optimization and planning

Professional marine forecasts provide information on the changing state of the sea and atmospheric events a few days in advance. This allows those who work at sea or along coastal areas to optimise and plan operations, the route, travel times and activities, to increase the safety of employees, to reduce or mitigate the risk of damage, to maximise production efficiency aimed at achieving the objectives.

The SeaCast®️ suite of services delivers meteorological services both in site specific and ship routing mode. In this way we serve drilling platforms, gasifiers, floating production, storage and unloading units, operational support or seabed research and exploration equipment, submarine cable installers, passenger or cargo ships, ferries, yachts, private boats or any other type of vessel.

During severe weather conditions or specific operations, the service is integrated from the operations room 24/7/365.

SeaCast® – Professional weather services to support maritime operations

Andrea Pedrini, Marine Operations Manager, introduces SeaCast® suite (meteorological support services for maritime operations) in a video shot at the recent 60th Genoa International Boat Show.



Operational meteorological support services for maritime operations, focused on specific sites (offshore platforms, terminals, boats, ports, and marinas) or along the navigation routes of ships and vessels.

The constant monitoring of the current weather conditions and the meteo-marine development of the following days allows the customer to adequately plan the operations, routes for optimisation of times, costs, resources and for the safety of personnel.

The meteorological team, supported by extremely advanced tools and technologies, monitor and notify through real-time alerts the development and evolution of severe storms, squall lines, tropical cyclones that may affect a certain site or area, providing direct support 24/7/365 globally.

The monitoring is carried out by the team of professional meteorologists and focuses on the phenomena of interest to the customer and on thresholds that can be set and customised for specific needs.

Medium-term weather trend

Forecast service that provides the meteorological trend up to 14 days on the phenomena of interest (temperatures, precipitation, strong wind, etc.) The output is probabilistic and supports the customer in planning activities and making complex decisions that affect the meteorological variable

The analysis coming from an ensemble of meteorological models makes it possible to evaluate the uncertainty of the weather forecast and therefore to provide probabilistic information for each considered phenomenon, which goes beyond mere meteorological data.

The data deriving from the ensemble analysis always undergoes an analysis process by Radarmeteo Meteorologists, who accompany the forecast with a technical comment that highlights the main characteristics of the window considered and the possible forecasting pitfalls.

The weather report provided to the customer, although starting from a standard developed by the Radarmeteo team, can be customised in terms of structure, phenomena, thresholds and communication methods to make the final product as appropriate as possible to the needs of the customer and the end user.

Post event analysis and climatological reports

Service, provided through the supply of data, synthetic weather reports or in-depth analyses for the reconstruction with high spatial/temporal detail of historical meteorological events or that have caused criticality or damage to things or people (gales, heavy seas, strong storms, tropical cyclones , squall line, etc.) or the climatology of a particular place.

Service that allows the user to make any type of request for weather data, synthetic reports, or in-depth meteorological analyses for post-event support, even in the legal and/or insurance field. The information can concern any point or area of the globe, regardless of the presence or absence of weather stations.

The customer’s requests may also concern the analysis of historical weather data and the climatology of the site/area: in this case the final output may contain the analysis of specific thresholds, frequency distributions, wind/wave roses, of the return periods of meteorological phenomena.

The Data Scientists team’s elaborations start from the use of certified, official and WMO-compliant weather data, organised in the unified database developed by Radarmeteo, passing through validation and control processes (both automatic and manual), to provide a sustainable final product also in contractual, legal or insurance contexts.


Customers who support our growth

Radarmeteo collaborates with companies of different sizes and with different organizational characteristics, adapting the services and the business model to the requests of the interlocutor. This allows at the same time a very lean relationship, dedicated to the identification of ad hoc solutions, and maximum customer satisfaction.