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Radarmeteo was created in 2007 from the extensive and solid operational experience in meteorology and climatology acquired by the founder, Massimo Crespi, former Inspector of the State Forestry Corps, Director of the Experimental Centre for Avalanches and Hydrogeological Defense of Arabba (Veneto Region), Director of the Meterological Centre of Teolo (ARPA Veneto), Director of Research and Communication of ARPA Veneto, Director General of Planning and Programming of the Veneto Region,

National Delegate at the UN WMO (World Meteorological Organization), Director of the Environmental and Hydrological Monitoring Centre of the European Union in Asunciòn (Paraguay).

The Company, which stands out for its high dynamism, has grown over the years thanks to carefully scouting its personnel, favouring a strong academic curriculum, international experiences and soft skills.


  • helps by adding value and depth to meteorological data acquired through the monitoring systems implemented by the designated public bodies;
  • operates in professional markets to provide innovative and personalised meteorological services and develop solutions for private companies and public bodies. While focused on the client’s needs and activities, special attention is given to both the level of detail and the representativeness of the
  • maintains national historical databases to provide citizens with a transparent, independent and free of charge knowledge tool on the national climatic conditions and global warming.


Radarmeteo is a private, independent supplier of professional meteorological services. We work with a diverse range of strategic sectors, including water management, traffic and transport, agriculture, risk management, environment, health (human, animal and plant), civil protection, energy, maritime services.
Our aim is to help our clients achieve greater environmental and economic sustainability, to support them with a rapid transition to digital and any other innovative processes and to enable them to make a positive contribution to society through mitigation of global warming.

It pursues this goal by aggregating value to existing databases and making them available to citizens, families and businesses, as indicated in the “National Guidelines for the Enhancement of Public Information Assets” by Digital Italy Agency of the Presidency of the Council of Ministers.

In the context of a country without the National Meteorological Service, in which, moreover, the dominant meteorological information is general and approximate, Radarmeteo intends to define itself as a highly professional company, able to provide timely and adequate answers to the different needs of the various stakeholders.

This is a complex world, in which meteorological information is embedded in corporate decision-making processes, and must posses key characteristics, such as reliability, authenticity, continuity, timeliness, accuracy, and communicability.

All services originate from the national database collected by official networks and in accordance with WMO (World Meteorological Organization), from which a qualitative sample is taken to verify that the data is truly representative, before it is entered in the datasets.

Our Research and Development sector focuses on meteorological reanalysis (or retrospective analysis), in which Radarmeteo is seeking to become a market leader, offering high quality historical datasets.


CINEAS – University Consortium for Insurance Engineering at the Politecnico di Milano

Radarmeteo is a member of the Board of Directors and of the Assembly of CINEAS, a non-profit organization that aims to spread culture and managerial training in the global management of risks and claims. It works to create new, highly specialized skills and professionalism, pooling skills and knowledge of the insurance and industrial sectors, institutions, healthcare, infrastructure and the academic world.

logo anra

ANRA – National Association of Risk Managers and Corporate Insurance Managers

Radarmeteo is a member of ANRA, the Association which aims to protect and promote the professional activities represented, carrying out cultural activities, training and professional updating, through appropriate initiatives in the fields of corporate risk management and insurance. It promotes and encourages the exchange of ideas, experiences and information on corporate risk management, insurance policy, definition and management of insurance contracts. ANRA proudly contributes to the progress and diffusion, in public and private companies, public and private organisations and bodies, of risk management techniques and insurance contracts, promoting and sponsoring the organization of training courses, professional updating and any other appropriate initiative.

logo osservatorio smart agrifood

Smart Agrifood Observatory of the School of Management of the Politecnico di Milano

Radarmeteo is a member of the Smart AgriFood Observatory, which aims to become the national reference point to in-depth understanding of the digital innovations (process, infrastructural, application, HW and SW) that are transforming the agricultural and agri-food chain, unifying the main skills needed: economic-managerial, technological, agronomic.

The objective of the Observatory is to convey the results of the Research to decision makers, creating opportunities for meetings and discussions between stakeholders to promote dialogue and innovation of value, and to create culture, spreading information and knowledge on digital innovation in the industry.

logo agrosit


Radarmeteo founded this company with 2 other partners (Ideare Srl and Arcadia Srl), with the aim of providing GIS and cadastral services, while contributing to the rapid evolution of the national agricultural insurance market. Being equipped with a significant experience in the digitization of processes and DB and DB, the company can face the new market challenges, such as the development of new policies, the mutual aid system, and interaction with national and EU procedures.


Manifesto of the agri-food chain 4.0

Together with Coldiretti, Radarmeteo is the first signatory of the Manifesto, which hopes for the adoption of a national plan for the rapid transition to digital and the revaluation of “made in Italy” food.


Radarmeteo supports and sponsors important conference and dissemination initiatives that spread awareness of climate change and innovation in meteorology.


Radarmeteo sponsors some amateur, youth and senior sports in the Veneto area, making a modest contribution to this sector.


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