The use of renewable energies require in-depth knowledge of the climatic context and meteorological parameters in all phases of the process, from the design of plants, to production, storage and distribution, up to the estimation of consumption, pricing and development of new market strategies. Today these data have reached a high-quality standard and can fulfil the specific needs of this sector. Radarmeteo collects in its national weather database all the meteorological information from certified, official, and WMO-compliant weather networks, and turns them into services, platforms and applications geared to specific use.

Historical weather data are processed with the reanalysis method, then represented spatially across uniform and representative territorial grids; real time information is displayed by weather, radar and lightning monitoring networks; nowcasting provides the immediate evolution of the phenomena; weather forecasts provide early warning alerts, model analysis and even a medium-term view.



The service that provides representative historical weather data, near real-time and forecasted, with high resolution and spatialised on territorial grids at a global level. Hypermeteo® is designed and prepared for the integration of meteorological data in customer services/platforms/applications.

The meteorological datasets are organised on continuous and regular grids for complete coverage of the globe. Each cell of each grid operates as if it were a virtual weather station and associated with it is a continuous flow of historical data, near real-time and forecasted weather or a combination.

The data constituting the meteorological datasets are processed starting from the assimilation of data from various sources (stations, radars, satellites) and are recreated on each grid point using methodologies such as meteorological reanalysis and spatialisation. The data is also subjected to control and validation processes (both automatic and manual).

Hypermeteo® datasets are integrated into applications in the field of smart agriculture, risk management (risk assessment, insurance analytics, claims verification), in support platforms for smart cities, in predictive analysis, in connected mobility.

Medium-term weather trend

Forecast service that providing trends up to 14 days for the meteorological variables of interest (temperatures, precipitation, strong wind, etc.) The output is probabilistic and supports the customer in planning activities and making complex decisions that depend on such meteorological variables.

The analysis coming from an ensemble of meteorological models makes it possible to evaluate the uncertainty of the weather forecast and therefore to provide probabilistic information for each considered variable, which goes beyond mere meteorological data.

The data deriving from the ensemble analysis always undergoes an analysis process by Radarmeteo Meteorologists, who accompany the forecast with a technical comment that highlights the main characteristics of the given time window and potential forecast uncertainty.

The weather report provided to the customer, although starting from a standard developed by the Radarmeteo team, can be customised in terms of structure, variables, thresholds and communication methods to make the final product as appropriate as possible to the needs of the customer and the end user.


The interactive web platform in which all operational weather services and products are integrated; it is easy to consult and provides immediate, global, and shared information on current weather events and their evolution, to facilitate decision making even in complex organisational contexts.

Access to the platform allows the user to obtain a complete and real-time overview of the state and evolution of the weather situation; the user can view radar weather data, ground weather station data, forecast models and other Radarmeteo services. All on the WebGIS system.

A Weather radar has the function of detecting atmospheric precipitation (rain, hail, and snow) in real time. Radarmeteo collects the data detected by the various national radars and integrates them into the dedicated mosaic plot; has also developed the Nowcasting functionality for short-term forecasting.

The data from the lightning monitoring network operated by Météorage, allow for the analysis and detailed tracking of storms, which are essential for nowcasting these intense weather phenomena and their impact on the systems and infrastructures managed by the customer.


Customers who support our growth

Radarmeteo collaborates with companies of different sizes and with different organizational characteristics, adapting the services and the business model to the requests of the interlocutor. This allows at the same time for a very lean relationship, dedicated to the identification of ad hoc solutions, and maximum customer satisfaction.