Solutions developed to meet the customer’s needs

To meet the different needs that have been collected over the years, an ecosystem of solutions has been developed that can provide all the necessary support for the Customer’s activities. Each solution is designed not only to meet specific needs but also for integration with the other proposed solutions. The goal is to provide a scalable and integrable set of meteorological information relating to the past, present and future that can be adapted to small-medium-large enterprises operating in the territory.

Support Services

The services in which the technicians interface directly with the customer to provide direct support of quality and reliability. The information provided is designed for specific customers (eg. airports, motorways, insurance companies, etc.) or for transversal areas that therefore affect all industries.


Applications developed for the supply of specific meteorological information characterised by simplicity of use and immediacy. The different applications can be used in stand alone mode or integrated with each other.

Decision support platforms

Data visualisation platforms and Decision Support Systems (DSS) designed to support customers in the delicate decision-making phases that are necessary to cope with meteorological phenomena, especially severe ones. The platforms provide clear, timely support as well as an overview.

The service that provides representative, historical, near real-time and forecast meteorological data. The datasets that constitute it are designed to be integrated into third party applications with the aim of combining the weather data with other data available to the customer.

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