Administration and PC

Administration and PC

Civil Protection activities (at municipal, provincial or regional level) have expanded greatly and include direct relief to populations affected by disasters, risk prediction and prevention, countering and overcoming emergencies, and risk mitigation. The Directors are therefore part of a complex system, within which they have a specific responsibility in taking decisions and activating procedures. The meteorological information provided may not always have the necessary detail at the scale in which it operates: MeteoCast® is therefore the technical tool that collects all the available meteorological information in a single platform, through both historical and real-time weather data and forecasts, with a very clear and legible representation of the evolution of meteorological phenomena. The service also includes an articulated system of weather alerts and direct weather support during the most severe events.



The interactive web platform in which all operational weather services and products are integrated; it is easy to consult and provides immediate, global, and shared information on current weather events and their evolution, to facilitate decision making even in complex organisational contexts.

Access to the platform allows the user to obtain a complete and real-time overview of the state and evolution of the weather situation; the user can view radar weather data, in situ weather station data, forecast models and other Radarmeteo services. All on the WebGIS system.

Weather radar has the function of detecting atmospheric precipitation (rain, hail, and snow) in real time. Radarmeteo collects the data detected by the various national radars and integrates them into the dedicated mosaic plot. It has also developed the Nowcasting functionality for short-term forecasting.

The platform and related services are optimised for access from all mobile devices (smartphones and tablets), allowing quick and mobile consultation of weather data.


The weather service that allows the user to activate alert procedures detailed in term of space/time, which are also dedicated to defined areas for which quantitative information on precipitation accumulations expected in the next 72 hours is provided.

The algorithm at the base of RainCast® provides, with hourly updates, the detailed forecast of the precipitation accumulation on the zone of interest for the next 72 hours, specifying the expected quantities in the requested time windows (e.g. 1, 3, 6, 12, 24, 48, 72hrs).

RainCast® provides a more accurate quantitative estimate of predicted precipitation compared to standard forecasting products thanks to the integration of modelled weather data with nowcasting data from weather radar.

The quantitative forecast information is correlated to the historical trends of the precipitation events of the monitored area, thus also providing a territorial contextualisation and allowing the completion of information with other important parameters (e.g.  the return periods of the forecasted event) to understand the intensity of the upcoming event.

Lightning and storm monitoring

Data from the global lightning monitoring network enables detailed analysis and tracking of storms, fundamental applications for the nowcasting of these phenomena. The dedicated platform displays this information on a comprehensive and intuitive support.

The platform (also available as an app for iOS and Android) allows the user to view the data of individual lightning strikes, the tracking of storm cells and their forecast on a WebGis system globally.

The system is structured to allow the setting of automatic alerts (which can generally be sent via e-mail or SMS) in the event of the presence of storm cells in the vicinity of the monitored area or in the event of strong storms approaching it.

Real-time weather data can also be provided via a self-updating feed or via dedicated APIs for integration into customer systems or applications. The historical weather archive is also available upon specific request.


Customers who support our growth

Radarmeteo collaborates with administrations of different sizes and with different organizational characteristics, adapting the services and the business model to the requests of the interlocutor. This allows at the same time a very lean relationship, dedicated to the identification of ad hoc solutions, and maximum customer satisfaction.