A good meteorological service makes it possible to optimise the organisation of work and operations in complex construction sites and increases the safety of workers. Movements with cranes, castings, works and external installations and deliveries can be scheduled according to the most appropriate meteorological windows based on evolving weather conditions. The support service provided by Radarmeteo also includes ex-post analysis and reporting on meteorological events that have affected the site for any trade union, legal or insurance need; for this activity certified, official and compliant data are used, therefore sustainable in the various locations.


Site-specific support

A meteorological support service focused on specific sites, with customisable weather alerts for phenomena, thresholds, and communication methods. Essential for the identification of good weather windows, planning of activities and staff safety.

The service provides for the daily analysis of the forecasted weather conditions for the following days, with the sending of weather reports in graphic and tabular format. The customisation of the service can allow the sending of even more updates per day.

The Meteorologists team guarantees monitoring and availability 24/7/365 with the provision of analyses, forecasts, and direct support during critical impact phenomena for the customer.

The monitoring is carried out by the team of professional meteorologists and focuses on the phenomena of interest to the customer (lightning, storms, strong wind, fog, ice formation, etc.) and on thresholds that can be set and customised for specifics needs.

Medium-term weather trend

Forecast service that provides the meteorological trend up to 14 days on the phenomena of interest (temperatures, precipitation, strong wind, etc.) The output is probabilistic and supports the customer in planning activities and making complex decisions that affect the meteorological variable.

The analysis coming from an ensemble of meteorological models makes it possible to evaluate the uncertainty of the weather forecast and therefore to provide probabilistic information for each considered phenomenon, which goes beyond mere meteorological data.

The data deriving from the ensemble analysis always undergoes an analysis process by Radarmeteo Meteorologists, who accompany the forecast with a technical comment that highlights the main characteristics of the window considered and the possible forecasting pitfalls.

The weather report provided to the customer, although starting from a standard developed by the Radarmeteo team, can be customised in terms of structure, phenomena, thresholds and communication methods to make the final product as appropriate as possible to the needs of the customer and the end user.


Weather service that allows the user to make any type of request for data, synthetic reports, or in-depth meteorological analyses for post-event support, even in the legal and/or insurance field. The information can concern any point or area of the globe, regardless of the presence or absence of weather stations.

The calculations of the Data Scientists team start from the use of certified, official, and WMO-compliant weather data, organised in the unified database developed by Radarmeteo, passing through validation and control processes (both automatic and manual).

The customer’s requests may concern specific points or extended areas (municipal districts, provinces, etc.) and the final output may also contain (if required) the analysis of specific insurance thresholds or return times (e.g. in the event of heavy rains).

The service is completely automated and managed by means of the dedicated web portal from which, using the personal account, the customer has the possibility to make new requests for weather data, check the progress of the queries made and consult the processed documents archive.