Events & entertainment

Events & entertainment

The high costs of film and photographic sets mean that productions need to be carefully planned to account for weather conditions that satisfy the shooting needs. For this purpose, sites where different meteorological events are in progress can also be identified, according to specific needs.

Events planned well in advance benefit from a good precision in weather forecast because they deliver many advantages, such as for logistics and insurance.

Radarmeteo supports these activities on a global scale, by providing forecasts of different temporal projections and by directly supporting the productions during the operational phases. The service includes ex post analysis and reporting on meteorological events that have affected the locations for every legal requirement


Site-specific support

A meteorological support service focused on specific sites, with customisable weather alerts for phenomena, thresholds, and methods of communication. Essential for identifying windows of fair weather, activity planning and ensuring staff safety.

The service delivers a daily prognosis with forecast weather conditions for the following days, with weather reports in graphic and tabular format. The customization of the service enable to issue even more frequent updates.

The team of meteorologists ensures monitoring and 24/7/365 coverage with the provision of analyses, forecasts, and direct support during events of critical impact to the customer.

Monitoring is performed by the team of professional meteorologists and focuses on the phenomena of interest to the customer (lightning, storms, strong wind, fog, ice formation, etc.) and on thresholds that can be set and customised for specifics needs.

Medium-term weather trend

Forecast service providing trends up to 14 days for the meteorological variables of interest (temperatures, precipitation, strong wind, etc.) The output is probabilistic and supports the customer in planning activities and making complex decisions that depend on such meteorological variables.

The analysis coming from an ensemble of meteorological models makes it possible to evaluate the uncertainty of the weather forecast and therefore to provide probabilistic information for each considered variable, which goes beyond mere meteorological data.

The data deriving from the ensemble analysis always undergoes an analysis process by Radarmeteo Meteorologists, who accompany the forecast with a technical comment that highlights the main characteristics of the given time window and potential forecast uncertainty.

The weather report provided to the customer, although starting from a standard developed by the Radarmeteo team, can be customised in terms of structure, variables, thresholds and communication methods to make the final product as appropriate as possible to the needs of the customer and the end user.

Lightning and storm monitoring and alerts

Automated warning system developed specifically for monitoring thunderstorms; used to support decisions for the safety of public and staff, activity planning and minimising suspension time.

The network, operated by Météorage, detects all types of lightning (CG – Cloud to Ground and IC – Intra Cloud) with high accuracy (about 100 m) and efficiency in order to obtain timely and detailed monitoring of thunderstorms.

The system is designed to allow for the setting of automatic alerts (which can generally be sent via e-mail or SMS) in the event of thunderstorm development in the vicinity of the location or in the event of severe thunderstorms approaching.

The system allows a high level of customization with regard to monitored locations, size of the area to be monitored, type of notifications and number of users to be notified.


Customers who support our growth

Radarmeteo collaborates with companies of different sizes and with different organizational characteristics, adapting the services and the business model to the requests of the interlocutor. This allows at the same time for a very lean relationship, dedicated to the identification of ad hoc solutions, and maximum customer satisfaction.