Climate change and risk management: Radarmeteo takes part in the European Risk Management Seminar

The European Risk Management Seminar, the annual European appointment dedicated to Chief Risk Officers and Risk & Insurance Managers, organised by FERMA, the Federation that unites the national associations on matters of Risk Management, represented in Italy by ANRA, is scheduled to take place on 12 and 13 October. The event, which should have been held in Antwerp (Belgium), will take place exclusively online.

This is a highly specialised, intensive and fully interactive learning opportunity.

Consequently, we are extremely proud that a member of our team has been engaged as a speaker in the “Climate Change Exposure: How we deal today with tomorrow’s exposure?” session.

Gianluca Ferrari, Insurance Manager for Radarmeteo, is going to be presenting the concepts of precision meteorology, meteorological reanalysis and the state of the art of the integration of meteorological data for insurance applications, concluding with a specific case study relating to a parametric policy developed by Generali.

After the seminar we will make the presentation available here and on our social media pages (follow us on LinkedIn!).

UPDATE OF 16/10/2020

The file with the presentation given during the seminar is available at this link.



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