What is the Index

The E3CI climate index is a suite of indicators, updated monthly, that provides concise and intuitive information on the frequency and severity of weather-induced hazards over Europe, in particular stress from cold and heat, drought, extreme rainfall, and extreme winds.

What is its purpose

The E3CI is a risk management tool for institutions and companies used to analyse, predict and assess the economic damage caused by extreme weather events and to provide an objective measure for monitoring climate trends.

How does it work

Starting from Copernicus Climate Change Service (C3S) ERA5 data, which contains historical information on trends in climate events in Europe and Italy from 1981 onwards, the Index is able to make comparisons, calculate trends and predict the incidence of 7 specific weather dynamics.
The Index looks at the values recorded for each dynamic and returns the number and intensity of the variations compared to the historical average. Using this information makes it possible to make medium- and long-term forecasts on the incidence of the seven dynamics in specific areas, highlighting the areas most subject to climate stress.

7 indicators

How to obtain the E3CI index


The data at a ‘country’ level held in the Index for the European area are freely accessible. Regional data from the Italy area and provincial data from the Emilia-Romagna area are also freely accessible.

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A customised quote can be requested for regional and provincial data in a local grid with a level of detail down to 30 km.

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