In the video, bunkering operations at FSO (floating storage and offloading unit) “Alba Marina”, off the coast of Vasto (CH, Italy), in the “Rospo Mare” extraction field managed by Energean (formerly Edison E&P).
To allow its fleet of offshore platforms and bunker vessels to navigate and carry out the weather-sensitive operations, such as extraction, unloading and storage of crude in complete safety, Energean relies on the professional, operational weather support provided by SeaCast®.
Whether it be operational support, post-event analyses, or climatological studies, SeaCast® enables the user to take full control of planning, improve process efficiency, maximise safety across the board and mitigate costs associated with each project. A team of meteorologists works 24/7 to ensure the highest level of monitoring of met-ocean conditions at all times on a site-specific and routing basis, backed by a team of software engineers able to create tailored solutions for each specific project.

The main services of Seacast®:

  • Site-specific marine forecasts: the operational service focused on specific sites, such as offshore terminals and platforms or ports;
  • Ship-routing marine forecasts: the meteorological service for moving vessels and ships providing a forecast for met-ocean conditions along any given route;
  • Operations room 24/7: monitoring and sending real-time notifications about the location and the development of severe weather systems;
  • Mid-term forecasts: delivering mid-long term forecast based on probabilistic data, form a multi-model approach;
  • Climatological analyses: studies of climatological charaterization of an area through the analysis of 30-year historical data;
  • Met-ocean observatories: advising on designing and adapting weather monitoring networks to WMO guidelines to obtain the certificate of conformity.

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