Radarmeteo will be at OMC 2021 in Ravenna to present SeaCast®, the suite of weather services for the maritime sector

Radarmeteo will be taking part as an exhibitor at OMC 2021, which will be held from 28 to 30 September in Ravenna.

The OMC (Offshore Mediterranean Conference and Exhibition), recently renamed the OMC Med Energy Conference and Exhibition, boasting a history of more than a quarter of a century, has come to be the main event in the Mediterranean region for the offshore sector. This year’s event is devoted to the industrial energy world as a whole, with the aim of creating an opportunity for meeting and working together for the development of concrete steps towards energy transition and a sustainable future for the sector.

 Radarmeteo will be present with a stand dedicated to SeaCast®, the suite of professional meteorological services supporting the maritime operations and navigation of companies operating at sea, whose activities are heavily impacted by the weather, which causes significant financial and infrastructural damage each year.

A high-resolution data processing and weather forecasting system, driven by a team of specialists operating 24/7/365, returns accurate and representative met-ocean analyses and ensures the highest level of weather monitoring at sea and along the coasts, in order to ensure safe operation.

 SeaCast® makes operations at sea more sustainable, enabling complete control over planning activities, improvement of the efficiency of processes and of all aspects of safety, and reductions in the costs associated with each project.

Find out more about SeaCast®.

For information and details of the event, go to OMC 2021.

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