GSE tender: Radarmeteo has been awarded two lots for the supply of high resolution weather data

Radarmeteo has recently been awarded two important lots of the tender for the supply of meteorological services and data for GSE (Gestore dei Servizi Energetici), a company operating under the MEF (Ministry of Economy and Finance) in the promotion and development of renewable energy sources in Italy.

The 6 lots of the tender presented by GSE, for a total value of Euro 1.5 million, are aimed at the supply of weather forecasting and reanalysis data for the verification and forecasting of the potential production of photovoltaic, hydroelectric and wind power plants.

Radarmeteo will be responsible for the supply of high-resolution forecast data about solar radiation, temperature, precipitation, snow cover, wind speed and direction; for the supply of very short-term forecasts (nowcasting) and for the following fifteen days; for analysing and processing meteorological reanalysis data.

The data is processed using Hypermeteo‘s advanced technologies (also applying artificial intelligence algorithms), which deliver high-quality data to help maintain high standards of performance in the production and management of Italian renewable energies, where in-depth knowledge of the climatic context and meteorological parameters is essential.

The use of renewable energies and the awareness of atmospheric events have always characterised man’s progress. The strength of the wind (wind power) which moves today’s wind turbines, was used in the II-III millennium BC to move sailing ships and windmills. Meteorological phenomena have influenced social dynamics for thousands of years.

The relationship between renewable energies and meteorology dates back a long way and the use of technology in these sectors has evolved with the evolution of the culture of mankind.

Offering technological solutions for the operational choices that characterise the green energy sector is a way for Radarmeteo to reflect and analyse the past of meteorological analysis and offer tangible and reliable operational solutions for a more sustainable future.

Knowing and forecasting atmospheric phenomena has a direct influence on protecting the environment and society.

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