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Meteorological monitoring networks: design, enhancement, compliance and certification

Even when built using high-quality technology and sensors, meteorological monitoring networks can produce data characterised by limited representativeness, or data which does not completely fulfil the purpose or is not yet able to satisfy one of the main requirements of an extended monitoring network, i.e.: the multi-purpose use of the observations collected. This last aspect is important, as it is often able

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Presentation of the “Quaderni di Meteorologia Aperta” at Festivalmeteorologia 2020

The 6th edition of Festivalmeteorologia is scheduled to take place next Saturday, 14 November 2020. Coordinated with Trento University, this now traditional appointment brings together the Italian meteorology world for a series of targeted debates. The main topics this year will be the interaction of climate with agriculture, health and energy. In addition to the technical topics, this year the organization

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