Radarmeteo among the “Italian Companies Exhibiting” at Egyps 2023 | Cairo, Egypt | Feb. 13-15

Radarmeteo will be in attendance as an exhibitor at the upcoming EGYPS 2023 to be held in Cairo 13-15 February 2023. “The Egypt Petroleum Show is the most important trade show in the Eastern Mediterranean dedicated to the oil & gas sector, attracting over 32,000 participants, including local and international companies and oil and gas professionals, who gather to exchange

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Climate scenarios: Radarmeteo and Hypermeteo meet the CMCC Foundation (Euro-Meditteranean Centre on Climate Change)

Within the Italian institutional meteorological scenario, a key role is held by CMCC (Euro-Mediterranean Centre on Climate Change). It is a foundation made up of a collective of institutions, universities and research centres, with offices spread throughout the country, and is chaired by climatologist Prof. Antonio Navarra. The Centre conducts research into all areas on which the climate emergency has an

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