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Climate scenarios: Radarmeteo and Hypermeteo meet the CMCC Foundation (Euro-Meditteranean Centre on Climate Change)

Within the Italian institutional meteorological scenario, a key role is held by CMCC (Euro-Mediterranean Centre on Climate Change). It is a foundation made up of a collective of institutions, universities and research centres, with offices spread throughout the country, and is chaired by climatologist Prof. Antonio Navarra. The Centre conducts research into all areas on which the climate emergency has an

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More than one million requests for point weather data from agricultural risk management operators in 2021

For the third consecutive year, requests for point weather data for various purposes in agricultural risk management have doubled. Approximately 250,000 requests were made in 2019, 500,000 in 2020 and over 1 million in 2021. This speaks volumes about how the system has evolved, starting from the real needs of the sector operators, accompanying and growing with them. From requests

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The MeteoCast® platform gets a overhaul: global, interactive, comprehensive

The new version of the MeteoCast® platform — a web-based solution that gathers together all available weather information — marks an important milestone in the company’s range of products and solutions. A totally new experience that expands the capacity for detailed analysis of weather events and their space-time evolution: new graphic interface; new user experience and general reorganisation of all

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High-resolution weather data and services supporting decision-making processes in the utilities sector. Acase history: Hera S.p.A. in Rimini

Exposure to the weather plays an important role in the management of integrated hydraulic infrastructures, affecting service efficiency and safety. To handle severe weather conditions, meteorological information must include high space-time details and provide ready-to-use outputs that enable operational management of critical situations. This degree of precision is achieved by applying new processing techniques, i.e.  retrospective analysis, or reanalysis, techniques

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